Pop Warner Football - FAQ

What Paperwork is needed?

  • Birth Certificate (COPY)
  • Final report card (4 COPIES all Semesters)
  • Picture (Wallet – 2X2)
  • Medical History (on POP WARNER FORM)
  • Insurance card (COPY)
  • Parent signature on PBGYAA registration with 2 Utility Bills
  • One of the following matching your address within the Palm Beach Gardens Boundaries, name on document must match Pop Warner Paperwork:
      1. Copy of Driver’s License
      2. Copies of a recent Utility Bill
      3. Government Document with Address
      4. Report card with address matching the consent form
  • Parent signature on Pop Warner card (BACK)
  • Signed Consent Form Pop Warner (participant & adult)
  • Signed PBGYAA Volunteer Form

When is my paperwork due?

Before the player is allowed to step on the field, all paperwork must be turned in. Our 1st day of practice for the 2016 season is Monday, August 1.

If a player is missing paperwork they will NOT be allowed to practice. For outstanding paperwork not turned in at sign-up, please mail it to:

Palm Beach Gardens Youth Athletic Association, Inc.
PO Box 31358
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

What equipment will I be required to provide for my child?


  • Football Cleats
  • 7 piece pad set
  • White Football Practice Pants
  • Gator Game Pants
  • Mouthpiece (no mouthpiece, no play…no exceptions!!)
  • Chin guard (We have some, but they are not a league provided item)

What equipment will be provided?

Equipment must be returned at the end of the season to receive you $150 deposit

  • Shoulder Pads
  • Helmet

When will will I get my equipment?

***To be determined. You will be contacted by email – Equipment Handout Dates

***Equipment will not be handed out to any player that is missing information or has not purchased the Gator Fundraising Cards.

***There will be a mandatory $150 refundable equipment deposit – checks or cash accepted. The checks will NOT be deposited unless equipment is not returned at the end of the season.

When will practice begin?

August 1st

How long are practices and how many days a week?

Practice can run two (2) hours per day and no more than six (6) hours a week, after September 1. However, at the beginning of the season for conditioning purposes practice is ten (10) hours a week.

How long is the season?

Season starts approximately August 1st and runs through November. Your team’s exact ending date will vary depending on play-off standings and could run through the end of December.

Where will practice be?

PGA National Park on the Northside of Northlake Blvd

What does my child need to wear and/or bring to practice?

During the first week of practice players are to bring helmet, chin strap, mouth piece, and water. They are to wear orange tee shirt and blue shorts. After the first week or ten hours of conditioning your coach will instruct as to what to wear. BRING WATER, it is very hot players will get hot and need to re-hydrate themselves on a regular basis.

Where will games be played?

Home games will be held at PGA Park On Northlake Blvd. Away games are from Palm City to Royal Palm Beach. See Directions to Fields for more information.

When are games?

Games are primarily on Saturdays. There is the possibility of a Tuesday or Thursday night game; however, it is rare. Or it is a make-up game. There may be at least one Sunday game this season.

How are teams formed?

Age and weight determines where a child will play. If there are two possible division for your child, the Pop Warner Board, with input from the coaches will determine whether a child will play in a lower division. This provides the player a greater chance of success and opportunity for playing time.

Who will be coaching my child?

All coaches have been interviewed for their knowledge of the game, and ability to teach proper technique and safety. Further, all coaches have had a nationwide background check and must be Pop Warner certified.

Can I be a coach or volunteer in some other capacity?

YES!!! Please contact us. We are strictly a volunteer organization, so any and all help is appreciated!

Does the Football Board have an email address?

Yes, [email protected]

What is the Gator Card/Fundraising fee?

***NO LONGER REQUIRED***   For those families that are new to our organization, we have a mandatory fundraiser in order to play PBGYAA Tackle Football. The cost per family is $100.00 We have decided to offer the “Gator Cards” again this year as we always have such great vendors!
For those of you that are new to our program, Gator cards are a way to help us raise money for our program, and in turn, it helps families help offset the mandatory fundraiser cost by allowing them to sell their allotment of Gator cards at $10/card. Most vendors offer tremendous discounts that, when taken all together, have more than $100.00 worth of value, per card!
1 set of 10 cards PER FAMILY. The Gator Cards that we use each year is a huge success! We are able to raise enough money to purchase needed equipment for our league as well as offer scholarships to players with needs! We try to add new vendors each year to make the cards even easier to sell so if you have a retailer in mind, please see if they would like to participate then let us know!

What is the Refund policy?

A. Once a player is registered there are fees that cannot be refunded. These fees are as follows:

  • $50 cancellation fee
  • $55 Non-Resident Fee (if applicable)
  • $15 YAA Fee
  • $50 Jersey Fee

B. No refunds after JUNE 1st.

If a team cannot be formed due to lack of participation, all fees are refundable.